The Lean Tech Manifesto
A guide to scale your tech organization and stay Agile


“This is an important book. It describes the business system that organizations around the world so desperately need, and it reminds us that when it comes to solving the complex and urgent problems of our time, human decision-making and teamwork are just as important as technology.”

DANIEL T. JONES, coauthor of The Machine That Changed the World and Lean Thinking

“Scaling your business while remaining agile can feel like an impossible task, but fear not! Fabrice and Benoît have developed a practical playbook that is based on their deep experience, providing you with the tools you need to continue to reap the benefits of Lean as your business grows.”

COLIN BRYAR, coauthor of Working Backwards, and former Amazon VP

“After more than twenty years, it was clear that the Agile Manifesto needed Kaizen.This book is doing exactly that, based on the rare experience of a tech company that has combined agility with the genuine Toyota Production System (Lean), implemented thoroughly with some of the best sensei. I highly recommend it to all those who want to deliver more and more value to their customers. And there should not be any others.”

DR. PIERRE MASAI, Lean coach, former CIO of Toyota Motor Europe, and Senior Advisorto Toyota Systems Corporation in Japan

"If Lean thinking alone were enough, the most valuable car company in the world would still be Toyota. But it isn’t. This is the book you need, combining the experience of mastering Agile with Lean Thinking. With this book you can prevent hierarchical slowdown and keep people at thecenter as you scale up and automate."

Joe Justice, author of Scrum Master, creator of eXtreme Manufacturing, founder of Wikispeed, lecturer on #JoeDX, Tesla alum

"If you are adopting Agile across your organization, but sense that something vital may be missing from your approach, this is an important book for you. Within these pages you will find a wealth of ideas that may lead you to discover solutions for your particular challenges, in pursuit of a “learning organization” that will prepare you to skillfully meet the challenges of an uncertain future."

Steve Bell, two-time Shingo Research Award recipient,author of Lean IT and Run Grow Transform
The Authors

Benoît Charles-Lavauzelle (CEO) and Fabrice Bernhard (CTO) cofounded Theodo, a leading technology consultancy they have scaled from a one-million dollar, 10-employee company in 2012 to a 100-million-dollar, 700-employee firm in 2022. The company was featured in the “FT 1000: Europe’s Fastest Growing Companies” and “Deloitte Technology Fast 500 EMEA” rankings. Theodo builds transformational tech products for clients all over the world, including VF Corporation, Raytheon Technologies, SMBC, Biogen, Allianz, ContentSquare, ManoMano, and Qonto.

Benoît Charles-Lavauzelle and Fabrice Bernhard
Scale your organization and stay Agile
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